New Tires in Chesapeake, Virginia

Man Repairing Tire, New Tires in Chesapeake, VA

Ensure safe contact with the road at all times with reputable brands of new tires supplied by Betterton & Whitlow in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Same-Day Services

Betterton & Whitlow provides new tires from the majority of major manufacturers, including Goodyear and Michelin. If we don't have your choice or size in stock, we work hard to have them ordered on the same day.

Procurement of Specialist Sizes

Are you the proud owner of a rare or antique vehicle? Betterton & Whitlow is an expert in procuring the specialty new tires you require. Furthermore, we mount, balance, and align as part of our experienced general auto repair.

Contact us today at (757) 547-3811 for more information on our auto service garage.